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It Ain’t Real Magic if you Found it on the Internet?

I bet you when people tell you it ain’t real magic if you find it on the internet, you believe them. Well you do know that PEOPLE put things on the internet. Before books or the internet people learned from people. These are other modes of disbursing information. In the past, books full of falsehoods were published, just not as many because books cost money. Now, lots of people can put up incorrect, or downright false, information.

There are not that many teachers out there. If your desire to be a witch or worker is strong, you should have the passion to devote to years of study. I don’t read fiction anymore, (and I was never a non-fiction reader) I don’t watch TV anymore (aside from HGTV and Food Network when I am in the kitchen and in bed), and I have about 100 magazines that I bought with airline points that I’ll “get to” this winter. I even stopped working on our beloved dollhouse for YEARS!

I’ve spent all of my spare time in the past few years studying the Occult with teachers/mentors, through books, and yes, online. You have to research, research, and PRACTICE magic. Once you find lots of resources saying the same thing, and it resonates with your soul, do it. It’s OK to come to me if you want me to do the work for you, but I think work is always more powerful if you participate. But before you ask anyone how to do a spell, do your homework.

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You Simply Were Not Paying Attention

People are always asking about “learning Rootwork the ‘Old School’ way” from someone who grew up in the tradition. You are going to be hard pressed to find those people. The problem is that our generation (I am 47.) missed out because of the abundance of Black people who became hard core Christians. These people were primarily in the generation before us. The early Black church was full of Rootwork/Conjure in the North and South, but when the Great Migration occurred, you saw Black people abandon the “Old Ways” which were considered country.

One way to really tap into the history and the culture is to read narratives, folk tales, almanacs, and believe it or not, works of fiction/literature (e.g. Charles Chestnut’s “The Conjure Woman” and “The Book of Negro Folklore” by Langston Hughes and Arna Bontemps.) They were collecting stories when people were still actively practicing and only a generation out of slavery. My masters degree is in literature with a concentration in Black Literature. None of the works I studied (with the exception of Hurston) dwell on the word “Hoodoo.” Instead, they present Rootwork as a way of LIFE. Gloria Naylor’s “Mama Day” is a prime example. So, finding someone who learned old school is a challenge, but reading the works of our own artists and historians is not. They will lead you to information that you never imagined, and Spirit will do the rest.

That is another thing, from the people who grew up in Rootwork, it was not something that was “taught.” For example, I throw down in the kitchen, but nobody ever “taught” me to cook. I watched my grandmother and mother, and I eventually assisted them in the kitchen. From the people I speak to who’ve grown up in the tradition, it was the same way for them when they learned Rootwork.

Rootwork was part of LIFE, and it should be if you are a worker today. You learned through observation. Remember, in the old days, children should be “seen and not heard,” so we picked up a lot of things by observation. My grandmother was not a worker, but she went to one. I sat quietly while she got readings and things to take home with her. Other than a candle or some incense, I never saw what she did with the things she was given by her worker, and I knew better than to ask about them. One thing is for sure, my grandparents NEVER went to church.

I had a client bring her mother for a reading. The mother and I got to chatting, and she knew about EVERYTHING I was talking to her about. (I felt kinda good too because she did not have to correct me about any of it.) Her daughter asked, “how come you didn’t teach me any of this?”

The mother said, “you simply were not paying attention.”

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Why We NEED a Black Witch Conference

I was asked about a week ago why Black witches had to have their own convention. I explained that we all need our safe sacred spaces, and it is high time that we have them.

Don’t believe the hype despite what you read in a pagan blog. I have spoken to the organizers of the Dawtas of the Moon: Black Witch Convention, and their statement is as follows:

My exact answer that I submitted in writing was as follows: “Since we are having the event in a public space, I cannot say that they cannot come. However, they need to understand that if they make a choice to come they need to recognize that they are in OUR sacred space.” When I hosted the Enter the Womb event, we were on private property which gave me the opening to say no non-women of color and with me renting a public venue, I was not quite sure of how I would be able to carry that for legal reasons. So I used the wording I felt would cover that. However, after doing further research and realizing that we are an organization with specific memberships I am in my full right to say that if you are not a women of color, do not waste your money because I will not refund it.”

So to reiterate…..If you are not a Women of Color, do not come. If you buy a ticket we will dismiss you without refunds because you were told in advance that this event is not for you. If you are a brother…wish us well and send us your love. Make sure your wife, sister, dawta, mother have all their needs met so they can attend this event. ~ Mama Omi of Dawtas of the Moon

So if you have any questions, there is your answer.

You see, I don’t want to spend time trying to explain to non-POC women the intricacies of my life. When the topic of this conference came up, I had to take the time to explain things to them that were exasperating, and ones that I really think they should know.

Part of the lesson I had to teach was that Black Witches/Workers/Healers get it from BOTH ends. Our own people shun us because they have been brainwashed by the church. Even though our practices and beliefs are thousands of years older than theirs (and well documented), they believe and judge us based on a book that was written 300 years after Christ died, and they only believe it because someone told them that they were going to hell of they didn’t.

Incidentally, I keep looking for the physical evidence of my former religion, but I can’t find any. If you can, let me know because I can find plenty of evidence of the religions I follow.

I had to take the time to exaplain how disappointing it is that I’ve been told by Black people that those who practice the ways of our Ancestors are savage devil worshipers. I’ve had family and friends (who I believed had better sense) tell me that they were not comfortable staying in my home anymore, much less having a conversation about my religious beliefs. They change the conversation, walk away, hang up on you, and leave Facebook group conversations without so much as a goodbye.

Now ain’t that a bitch considering I’ve spent my life having theirs shoved down my throat whether I wanted to hear it or not?

This is not to say whites don’t experience that as well, but because of our culture’s deep entrenchment in Abrahamic religions, and our values of keeping families intact that have been ripped apart for so long, these things add extra pain to this kind of ostracization.

So do you think I want whole day of that shit when what I really want is to be around women who get me?

In my Bey voice, “HELL NAW.”

Bey Fuck You.gif
When I began to study Vodou, other ATRs, and aspects of the Occult (which by definition means “hidden” for nothing more than the above stated reasons), I thought I was entering a place where people had open minds and were welcomed. I found out very quickly how wrong I was. There were few places where I felt welcome, and often I was asked questions like I was the only Black occultist on this planet.

The funny thing is, life is the same for Black people in the occult as it is anywhere else in the world. You get to be the spokesperson for all Black people. Racism doesn’t disappear because someone no longer worships an Abrahamic religion. The venue of this treatment simply changes. It doesn’t go away.

To say I was disappointed is an massive understatement.

There is still a portion of the Pagan population who are racist as the day as long, and to add insult to injury, we have cultural appropriators running roughshod through our religions and traditions trying to change things about them that make them uncomfortable.

When the writer of the blog referenced above was uncomfortable with Mama Omi’s words, she CHANGED THEM.

When we call them on it, we are accused of being segregationists, and even racists. It only shows me than many don’t even KNOW what the sociological definition of racist is. You do know have to have the ability to systematically oppress people, don’t you? Ask any Black person the last time we were able to do that.

Please, I’ll wait.

We have not been able (or really tried that hard for that matter) to keep non-POCs out of ATRs, so please, please, please tell me how we have oppressed whites by simply saying, “you can’t sit with us” for ONE FUCKING DAY???  Oh, I know what is at play here.

They realize that we might actually like it and start doing it MORE OFTEN.

(You do know that is why there are loitering laws that are always directed at Black people. If you cannot gather, you cannot plan anything.)

Can non-POC still sit “other” places? Yes. Isn’t that what we were always told? How is that “separate but equal” sitting with you now that the shoe is on the other foot? It hurts like your ass has bunions, doesn’t it?

And no, men of ANY COLOR  will be in attendance at the conference. I don’t care if you are Black, Brown, and down. The fact that a brother has to point out the fact how we are continuously ignored in the movement on national TV is shameful.

We want, no we FUCKING NEED, a safe place to go to be with women who experience the same things and face the same struggles. And it is not because Black women are not diverse, it is because our oppressors treat us THE SAME!

We have a need to gather, to love, to commune, to bemoan our condition, to find SOLUTIONS, and just to fucking BE!

No, I don’t need “Becky with the Good Hair” or “Mister/Hotep” looking over my shoulder and writing everything down/recording it on an iPhone while I do it.

It just ain’t gonna happen.

So now, I am delighted to see that there is a place for US where we can discuss the strange dualities of the church and Paganism. Where we can be Black and Brown women of all types. Where we can see our diversity even if no one else can. Where we can share, love, support, and grow. I hope that all sista witches support this. To register, please purchase your tickets here:

Dawtas of the Moon: Black Witch Convention

I’ll see you in October.

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Everyone Wants to be Black Until It’s Time to REALLY be Black

I originally wrote this as a Facebook post a year ago today. I thought it was worth repeating…

Let me explain something to y’all. Maybe those who say, what is the big deal with this Rachel chick? Why are people more than a little bit irritated with this imposter? I think it would help if someone like me took the time to explain why I say I am Black, and why I take exception to someone who is saying they are when they are not. (Don’t worry boo boo, I feel the same when Blacks pass for white, but we can discuss it in another thread.)

I would like to explain why I know with my soul and my entire being that I am BLACK. In fact, I am unapologetically BLACK. I believed that I am wonderfully made, and I come from an amazing culture that has had a tremendous impact in the land of my birth. I believe that EVERYONE should be proud of the culture they are from, but I am not “African American” in the true sense.

I am not an African that came here as an immigrant and willfully became an American. I am not the daughter of African and an American. I am a sum of my parts, a combination that is unique to the American experience. Because of my history, the enslavement of some (not all) of my ancestors, my unique struggles in the home of my birth, I have a completely different reality than someone of direct African descent. While my blood is 74% from the motherland, my culture, my family ties, what I have always been from BIRTH, no matter whether if I lived around mostly Blacks or mostly whites, is BLACK.

Am I upset about this? Absolutely not. I would never change who I am for any reason. I would not co-opt another culture because I have never been, nor will I ever be, ashamed of my background. “Race” is a man made construct made to divide and hate. They’ve tried to use biology, evolution, anthropology, and genetics to make us look like we are not quite human. I do not play into the pseudo science of race. We are all of the same species.

When you talk about someone and who they are, however, you are talking about their cultural lens. I am not talking about a culture that you just adopted because you like it. It is how you were raised. What shaped your formative years. What your family and community gave as your foundation. The mentality that shaped your mind. Just like Italians, Greeks, and the French. You may have been born African, but if you are raised as a French person (say you were adopted by French parents), you identify as French. But because of RACISM, there will ALWAYS be some asshole who will come around and NEVER let you forget you are African, and not in a complimentary way. (Ask Sonya Bonaly, the skater who had “too much strength” to win a gold medal in skating.)

BUT CULTURE is cultivated, treasured, and often appropriated in the most disrespectful of ways. From my personal experience, Africans do not see us as the same as they are. We are Americans to them. Some are cool and nice about it, and still treat you well. However, many distance themselves from us for many reasons that are too multiple to get into here.

Is there a possibility that a racially white person can have a Black cultural lens? I’ve seen it a few times in my life, but usually I’ve seen the opposite. I’ve (also) watched Blacks, for whatever reason, see things from white cultural lens. But I digress. I’ll talk about how well that works for them later in this post.

I have witnessed whites who are culturally Black while visiting my cousins in the projects near my high school. I was standing in front of two sistas having a heated discussion. I was more than a little surprised (when I turned around) to see there were two white girls (twins at that) standing there. BUT the difference was, I never ONCE heard them say (or talk of) that they considered themselves Black.

I never saw them put in weave, tan their skin, or exaggerate Ebonics to the point where you could sense fuckery. Even when the Black people around them considered them to be Black, they never tried it. Do you want to know why? Because they knew that if they wanted to, they could change their diction, lie about where they lived, and most importantly, leave that first impression that they were white with anyone they pleased. That is the difference between living through a Black cultural lens and pretending to be Black.

The scary thing is this. You DO have people who are the descendants of Black folks walking around here thinking they are white. That is their cultural lens. Its really sad because we live in a country where they are told that they should be a certain way for acceptance and recognition, but that recognition never really comes. They are just just mocked and laughed at by whites and Blacks alike. Even when they tried (Allan Keys, Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Tiger Woods and his “Caucublasian’ – I could go on forever), there is someone always there to tell you that you are not (white). (Remember Fuzzy Zeller after Tiger won the Masters?)

Don’t hate the player, though. Hate the game. Somewhere along the line, someone taught them that it was in their best interests. Don’t ask Black folks to fix it either. How can we fix something we did not create?

People want to blame Black people because we WANT cherish our culture. We make every effort to hold on to the last few shards of the religion and culture of our ancestors, not just from Africa, but who were here already! This was stripped from us to reduce our power, destroy our cultures, enslave us mentally, and destroy our families. This, people, was done by design. No one EVER questions why there is a Swedish, Greek, or Jewish museum (unless they are a shitty bigot), but they sure wanna know why there are museums devoted to our culture.

Then you get coon opportunists like Jesse Jackson (who should have KNOWN BETTER), who decide give us a label that we did not need. Did Jesse forget Africa is a CONTINENT? How in the hell can we ALL come from there? You came from a NATION or a COUNTRY in Africa. We have a right to define specifically who we are culturally, as well as geographically, if we wish. No one has the right to make you GENERIC!

When Rachel Dolezal claimed she was Black, she did lay claim to this from a cultural lens. Her formative years were not shaped by the struggle of actually being a Black person in this country. She could look at her siblings (who incidentally were being raised in a white cultural lens like she was, and THIS is why her parents do not get what she has done AT ALL.), and empathize, but because she was not raised through this cultural lens, she cannot sympathize. I mean really. The woman had to write herself hate mail in order to feign legitimacy as an “oppressed” Black woman.

Just stop now. I CAN’T.

Look at people like Eminem. Like him or love him, he came from a hard life. He raps about what he knows. That is why most people would/will not diss him or his experience. They have tried, but his staying power with all races should give you a clue as to what I am talking about. He’s been legit to the best of my knowledge, even when the media made efforts to discredit him. He never claimed to be anything other than what he was.

And I’ll leave you to make your own comparisons with that one-hit-wonder, Vanilla Ice, who stole his words from the men of Alpha-Phi-Alpha and his beats from Queen. He lied about who he was and where he came from for street cred. He gets no props from either side of the fence, and now he flips homes because nobody will pay him to be on any stage.

Maybe Rachel and Vanilla should get together and have some imaginary Black babies.

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In Defense of Online Stores

Since my journey back into the land of Tumblr, I’ve seen a lot of bashing of people who sell magical items online. If someone is NOT scamming people, charging outrageous amounts of money for an item that does not merit the price, or attributes illegitimate items to practice, I just don’t get it.

While I am a Diviner/Rootworker, and I do take clients, most of my Rootworking clients are people with whom I have a face-to-face relationship. The only exception to this is Light Setting/Candle Divination. There is something intimate about doing spiritual work for people that I often find real physical contact necessary.  Other workers feel differently, and that is their option.

But often, I find that most of my Divination clients don’t need a working at all, or they need the combination of a mundane and spiritual solution. I also encourage people to do work for themselves. If they don’t have a stockpile of products, they have to get them from somewhere.

As a merchant of these types of products, I strive to create natural products that are true to the tradition. I also infuse my own creativity with names from the Black vernacular and new ingredients, but I never would use an herb/root/curio that does not work for the condition.

I’ve actually seen people say they use Goofer Dust for “healing,” and I have seen products advertised as “Wicca/Hoodoo/Voodoo.” That is a big no.

Yes, as much as people would like to have storefront locations, often the demand for these products does not merit the risk of going into that type of debt. What I hate to see are people discounting what we do who do not know us, or people who never tried our products.

The lesson is, stay away from the scam artists, get a divination to see what you need, see if you can do it yourself, and work with people with solid reputations for their work and their products.

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Until I Walk Mile in Your Moccasins…

I learned a HUGE lesson about privilege this weekend from my sister, Lakeesha.

She is Walk A Milemoving from the apartment where I used to live and first started practicing Magick. She rented it when I moved to Ohio. I left some important items in her care, and I went back this weekend to get them so I can complete my new Altar/Root Room.

At first, I was ELATED that she was moving into my old spot. I looked forward to coming “home” and having occult gatherings in the home that brought me so much contentment and joy for the last five years.

The place is AMAZING for altars, spiritual work, and clients. There was even a woman named Sojourner who LIVED there a long time ago. It was PERFECT for my friend and spiritual sister! I am telling you, that flat is a spiritual portal, and it was the first place my personal spirits showed themselves in a very long time. Making their presence known is the reason I am a worker today. I started trying to protect myself from them, and then I ended up working with them.

I was sad to leave it, and I felt blessed that another witch/healer was taking it over. I did, however, warn her that the neighbors below me were older white people, moved into the place below mine after being in a standalone house their entire lives, complained all the time, and were crazy as bat shit. I thought that maybe they just hated me, and that things would work out. Her kids are quiet, older, and well behaved. There should not have been a problem with it at all.

But I did not mention that they were racist as fuck. Hell, I didn’t know it because I refused to tolerate their foolishness. Looking back, I should have known better. They were a constant pain in the ass when I lived there. I am the queen, however, of giving no fucks. Then my landlords moved right before I did, and two very racist, gay men replaced them in their old place on the first floor.

(I must note that it REALLY pisses me off when gay people are racists. I look at them and think, “you on the wrong side player!”)

When I lived there, I snapped on the neighbors below me when they came upstairs to bother me or complained to my landlord. I called out the new neighbors for leaving over 50 used moving boxes out in the rain when they KNEW I was moving. Now I know that they did that shit on purpose, and now I am glad none of my belongings were placed in those boxes.

Keesha sat down with these fools, and they REALLY exposed their ugly. She called them on their microaggressions and racism, and they have clowned the fool ever since. They questioned her BROTHER as to what he was doing in the building, left all kinds of bullshit notes, complained constantly, and the LAST straw was when they put up video cameras (and signs indicating they’d been installed) WITHOUT the landlord’s permission.

Spirit compelled me to tell her to leave (more like GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE), and after great contemplation, that is what she is doing. Nobody is running from these racists, but damn, if you are paying your hard earned money to live somewhere, you need to be able to live in PEACE without someone micromanaging every step you take across the floor in a house where shoes are removed at the door.

Sometimes “you gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, and know when to run.” The Universe is calling her to a new location that is going to reach more people in our community so she can build them up. I have a feeling that the folks who remain on that property are gonna be broken down because of their actions. The Ancestors will see to it. Spirit is not going to let them rest (especially if my circle of witches has anything to do with it).

I also have a feeling that without a witch/healer there keeping things in control, those racists are going to hear a lot more than bumps in the night when she leaves. They should have been glad to have us there. Their silly mirrors, gimmick crosses, and Go Away Root are not going to stop the spirits in that building. I almost feel sorry for them.


But I digress. This is supposed to be a blog post about privilege…

In the past, she mentioned that they really were really messing with her because she had Black sons. On that much I agreed with her wholeheartedly. When we were talking this weekend, I repeated that because she actually sat down with them, and tried to be nice to them, they mistook her kindness for weakness. I advised her that I waved my crazy flag on the daily so they would be scared to come within a few feet of me.

Then she touched on something that made me bristle.

She said that that they did not fuck with me as much because she was darker than I was.

At first, I began to argue her down. I am Black, and I cannot tell you how many white people have told me I was being “aggressive” or “yelling” at them when I was speaking to them calmly and professionally. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been called an “angry Black woman” for not taking the shit the world was shoveling. I’ve suffered from the intangible as well as tangible effects of racism for as long as I can remember in both Black and white environments.

It is as though the timbre of my voice irks racists. (Well, I am sorry I cannot sound white even if I wanted to. The tenor in, and cadence of, my voice gives me away. I’ve never been able to pass, although in my family, the generation before me could at times.) As a Black woman, I explained that I go through it all the time. I told her that I also feel the same pain and suffering she does when we are mistreated, discriminated against, assaulted/brutalized, brainwashed by education/society/the church, unfairly imprisoned, and killed. My cousin (and new apprentice) jumped into the conversation saying that she never experienced privilege because we are lighter either.

And then, I was horrified.

My mind started replaying what we just said to someone I love so much. I realized how we invalidated what she was saying just because WE never experienced it. I always tell people that something is not automatically untrue simply because you have not you experienced (or had knowledge of) it. That is a real fucked up, myopic mindset to have.

My mind also started replaying the many, many non-POC friends and business associates I’ve distanced myself from (and at times severed all ties with) in the past few years when their “white sheets started to show.”

The nail in the coffin was when they would add salt to the wound by saying they NEVER experienced privilege, did not have it because they were not rich, had been mistreated by society too, etc.

I never blew up at them – at first. I tried to educate them. I’d give them example after example. For some, the light came on immediately. Those are the people I did not walk away from. The ones who continued to display hostility over the matter, I walked away from and severed relationships with them for my own sanity and self-respect.

My biggest example was, “when you have privilege you have NO IDEA you have it because you ARE privileged!!!

Imagine how my heart sank in my chest when I realized that I was doing the SAME thing to one of my best friends and sister in the craft.

Just because YOU cannot see your privilege does not mean it does not exist!!!

I experienced the immediate brain implosion that happens when you have an epiphany. Next, I felt a wave of humility pass over me, then shame. What followed was huge apology to my sista and an explanation to my cousin that we were no better than the non-POC people who said the same thing.

I owned my shit and ate it in a humble pie. I was dead fucking wrong.

I have never been in her shoes to see the disadvantage of being dark in a society that tells us “white is right.” And although I’ve experienced my own levels or marginalization as a woman of color, I NEVER shared HER personal experience. Now some will say that sometimes being dark has an advantage, and dark people will immediately (and rightfully so) tell them to go fuck themselves.

I was picked on for being “too white” as a child when I attended majority Black schools. But, let’s be honest here, I can truthfully say that out here in the world, I have not faced certain disadvantages because of my complexion. I am sure there have been times where my appearance has made non-POC more “comfortable” than my darker brothers and sisters.

Now, please, do not comment and tell me that I am ashamed of my light skin, or that I am no better than others who are trying to divide Black folk further. That is simply not true. What I do know is when I am the only Black person in an environment, I will receive the “treatment” from non-POC. What I also know, however (and have witnessed first hand), is when a darker person is on the scene, I get a bit of a buffer (a BIT).

I never used that to my advantage, but I was subconsciously (and at times consciously) aware of it. I also know my darker brothers and sisters are aware of this too, and sometimes it causes them to mistreat me as well because the object of their anger is an oppressor who could fire, maim, or even kill them. So, yes, I get it.

I also know that my DNA is 76% African whether people can see it or not. I know who I am. I know that when the shit hits the bricks (as it has increasingly done in this country) that before anything else, I am Black in my eyes, my people’s eyes, and in the eyes of society.

But I what I CANNOT do, refuse to do, is lie to myself about variations in the way we are treated in this country. There have been countless studies and scholarly research on whites’ efforts to breed with us in order to (at some point) completely remove all traces of Black from the population. It was done in Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, and Australia as a rule of law. Of course it didn’t work due to genetics, but they were too uneducated to know that.

“Negro blood is sure powerful, because just one drop of black blood makes a colored man. One drop, you are a Negro! . . . Black is powerful.”

Langston Hughes

Then, other countries, like the United States, prohibited racial mixing and figured they would just annihilate us with lynching, poverty, drugs, and other forms of overt and institutional racism. No matter what has been done to us, we are HERE, and we WILL continue to exist. This is ALL due to the magical practices of our people, our Ancestors, and our close bond with The Creator. Most brainwashed Black folks out here are still marveling why we still exist, but I don’t.

The difference is, when I saw what I was doing, I checked myself and apologized.

You don’t have to feel guilty about your skin color, or the advantages that your Ancestors had over others, because of this privilege. All you have to do is acknowledge it, and become part of the solution rather than being part of the problem.

I am good when someone apologizes to me. I can either move on, or we can work together to repair the damaged/severed relationship. It may never be the same, but there can be resolution, closure, and peace.

The only problem is, most of the people I’ve severed ties with because of this have not apologized and jumped in to help.

I think if I asked them if they felt the same way, their answer would still be yes.

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Why I No Longer Identify as a Christian

BlackJesusWhen I became a Christian as an adult, I did not know why my mother would not attend church. She never really did. Of course she was called a heathen and seen as a Black sheep in our family. Come to think of it, her parents did not either. They all, however, made sure I received a religious education that included Awana at the white Baptist church, holidays at the Black Baptist Church, a brother from The Nation delivering “The Final Call” each weekend and letting us listen while they discussed the movement and Black Power, oh and yeah that JW she let come give us weekly Bible lessons for a hot minute.

Conversely, Hotei was in several places in my home. Dream Books, “Love Signs,” and other astrology books could be seen more than the King James (or any other version) of the Bible. My mother honored my decision to become a Christian, watched my mega church on TV, and she even attended my baptism. One day, however, out of nowhere she said, “I love God, but this whole Jesus thing? Yeah I don’t know about that.”

I was CONFUSED. I am happy to say after years of my own exploration, I am no longer confused. In my quest to become closer to God, and to be more like Jesus, I learned so much about the history of the Bible, what it was really telling us, how much was stripped away to remove the individual divinity of people, and how people (white AND Black) use religion to control and oppress others, I now realize that I can no longer profess to be a Christian. I simply cannot do it, and honestly, I think Jesus is pissed that people label themselves after Him in such a way. He came here to bring us closer to God, not to push us away like today’s church does to the people who will not bow down to their dogma.

Through reading the Bible, I’ve had what they call “The Tower” experience. The Tower card in the Tarot (filled with Christian imagery – not Satanic by the way) speaks to all of your illusions being stripped away. Things you were so sure of are no longer really true, and the cognitive dissonance of it all is earth shattering.

I found out (simply by reading the Bible) that Adam STOOD WITH Eve and ate that apple (Genesis 3:6). She did not use her feminine wiles to convince him to. In short, Eve was framed, Adam was a punk, and our punishment was to submit to someone who really was not fit to be the head of anything in the first place.

Then I found out how much of the Bible was taken from scared texts that proceeded Christianity. To top it all off, I found out that the Gospels were written 300 YEARS after the death and Resurrection of Christ. They were NOT written by the Apostles. Talking about having the rug pulled out from under you! That makes all that oppressive propaganda Paul wrote simply BULLSHIT. NOWHERE in the Bible does it say that it is the infallible word of The Most High. NOWHERE.

So, what people fail to realize is that most Christians simply claim this religion because they were told to do so. Not because they really understand what it means. If you challenge any of this with your own research, you will have to prove that it is more valid than mine. If you know me, I am all about digging deeper and citing sources, so let’s research away. If you cannot, and you want to hold on to your beliefs and walk on faith, that is your RIGHT. Just as it is my right not to stand on “sinking sand.”

To me, this does not mean I am going to Hell. This is FREEDOM. I can no longer align myself to sheeple who refuse to study the Holy text that rules their existence. They ignore the council of the GODS (that’s plural for you all that cannot read) that told Yahweh to check His people because they were wilding out (Psalm 82), or they read a translation that said He went among a council of FALSE gods, the congregation of the mighty, “gods” in quotes, just anything to say that there are no other gods.

Seriously, would God do that? If they were lesser beings, would they be able to counsel Him? Just stop it. And don’t tell me I am cherry picking while you shave, eat pork chops, wear polyester, and go to Church on your period. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

Oh I believe in Christ. I love Him with all my heart and soul. I also know that he was called MAGI long before He was declared Savior by the church. His birth was PREDICTED by DIVINATION. And who went looking for Him to protect him? THE THREE MAGI. They used ASTROLOGY and DIVINATION to find him in that manger. They brought Him Frankincense and Myrrh to PROTECT HIM!

Now, if I use it, I am a witch, a sorcerer. I’d love to be called Magi, but I ain’t there yet. Your prayers (petitions to a supernatural being to manifest things for you) are prayers. Somehow my prayers are “spells.”

You know what? I’ll take it if will set me apart from the oppressors of the world. We are labeled crazy, but no one judges you when you dance around church possessed by a spirit you no longer recognize and cannot even name.

I also know Christianity is NOT the “white man’s religion.” Look at a damn map, why don’t ya? Bethlehem is in the ass crack of Africa, so do you think Europeans got it first?!?!? Nope. Stop all the Hotep lies. The problem is that oppressors stripped the religion of the things you need to know to empower the God in YOU, and you DRANK the Kool Aid just like a follower of Jim Jones. Read the book of Enoch and get back to me.

So, I am a God/Goddess lover of Christ. I believe He was and IS the Magi’s Magi. If someone came to earth and made dead people rise up and blind people see, you’d call them a witch and burn them at the stake. Sound familiar?

Yeah, just like they did to Jesus. Except the fire He received was on that trip to Hell he took before He came back from the dead! You will watch a horror movie and call it fantasy. You will read the stories of other religions and call them mythology, yet the story of Jesus is the ONLY truth? Don’t be so simple! They taught you there is one TRUE church so you would bring your money to THEIR storehouses and not go to another. They told you Pagan holidays were Christian, and now are ranting that they are being persecuted when the YULE tree is taken off a damn COFFEE CUP. MISS ME WITH THIS MADNESS PLEASE!

Black folks are messed up today because we have been taught a watered down version of worshiping of The Almighty Creator, His Spirits/Angels/Saints/Lwa and healing that strips people of their personal divinity. Those same people are the witches you NEED to be scared of.

They have taken your divinity, the power God gave you, and continue to try to eliminate you by using it against you. They’ve tried to kill us all by stripping us and calling our worship evil. In churches all over the world, people continue to let them.

Missionaries have infiltrated cultures for imperialists, destroyed them, stolen resources, turned people in compliant zombies, and paid off corrupt “leaders” to make us submit to them. Look at what happened to Haiti. If there was someone to blame for natural phenomena, I’d look to the traitors who sold Haiti out, not the Vodouisants who tried to keep it alive. Here is the one country where a slave rebellion succeeded, and their own people helped to sell them out. They killed Mambos and Houngans in the name of the almighty dollar while hiding behind a big old statue of Jesus.

We are not supposed to submit to anyone but The Most High. They told you that honoring your Ancestors was evil. But if you don’t venerate your Ancestors, someone else will, and the effects of what happens to you when this occurs are not pretty. Forget about your Ancestors, the reasons why you are here today, and they will surely forget about you.

This torture of humans goes on to this very day, and we are told to submit forgive, and turn the other cheek. Just keep taking the beating because the “meek will inherit the earth.” How has that working out for you? What does it taste like? My mother in law says it tastes like a shit sandwich. I don’t want this earth. They’ve ruined it so much that it looks like Hell to me. No thanks. I’ll work towards a future existence. This is just my testing ground. The place to prove who I really am and the potential for what I will be.

So everyone, believe what you want to, but when that time of Divine Judgement comes (and OH IT WILL come) make sure you lived your life according to your own faith, beliefs, and research, not what Reverend Deacon Doctor Doug spoon fed to you.

You mad? Delete me. But that ain’t Christian. I am not about to argue with you. Christ did not argue. He went into temple, flipped tables, kicked ass, and took names. The Christ I know and read about strove to relate and understand the people who He surrounded Himself with. Often, they were the worst people society had to offer who were not one bit religious at all. Other ancient accounts describe His travels and studies all of the religion and mysticism in the world. How else do you account for the years of his life that the Bible does not cover? This ain’t a soap opera. He just didn’t go away for years and come back as if nothing ever happened. Don’t be lazy. Be committed. Find out the mysteries of Christ for yourself.

If anything people, just read the RED words! They are your best standard for living, and there is no real way to verify them either. But they are GOOD. They have value. The rest is just HIStory that is free to interpretation and misinterpretation by anyone who reads and cherry picks it daily. ‪#‎freeyourmindtherestwillcome‬

“I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

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Removed and Miseducated

I was in the store this morning, and the Black woman at the register asked me what I was going to do with all that Epsom Salt, I told her that I was a Rootworker, and that I made Spritual Baths. She said, “oh you practice Voodoo.” I explained that there were aspects of Rootwork in Voodoo, but I was a Haitian Vodouisant and a Christian.

She almost FELL OUT. “Oh no. Ain’t no Vodou have nothing to do with being a Christian.”

Hahahahaha! I WENT IN. I asked her if she knew about God’s wife and the stories of the Bible that were either removed or the stories that are blatantly ripped off from other religions. I told her that Joseph was a diviner and Moses was a Conjureman. I asked her, “didn’t Moses make the rivers run blood and got water from a rock?”

Her response, “well God did that through him!”

I asked her, “well who do you think I am working for?” I asked her about all those people hopping around the church with the “Holy Spirit.”

She said, “what you don’t believe in the Holy Spirit?”

I told her of course I did. The Holy Spirit is THE GOD IN ME. It’s what gives me the ability to do God’s work, AND those people who are dancing “in the spirit,” were possessed with a spirit alright.

They just don’t know which one mounted them.

She said, “you make that sound like a bad thing.”

I told her, “sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Isn’t it funny though that no one is translating what these people are saying? At a Vodou Fet, someone can always translate what a spirit says.”

Then I came home and began my workday. I was compelled to write this blog post after Facebook friend tagged me in comment in a video this morning. I believe there are no coincidences in life. I was asking Sprint if it was a good idea to share this morning’s experiences with you. I believe I got my answer in this video. (Author’s Note: I’ve asked the poster for a YouTube link so I can embed it here in case Facebook takes it down.)

You can watch it here:

A great deal of the things in the video I know about, and some points here merit further research. Remember, no matter how accurate something is, just a little bit of bias can destroy credibility. However, I can research every single part of this video piece by piece. I have a feeling that the majority of it can be validated. I do this because am fascinated with the religions of the world, their similarities, and their differences. But what I know is this.

Most people, not just Black people, are willing to take their religion as it is spoon-fed to them. They are willing to listen to the preacher every Sunday, read the most revised, missing books versions of the Bible, and make judgments on people like me, who identify as Christians who don’t worship like them.

I’ve even had family members tell me that they would not come to my house because I have altars. OH WELL, stay home then! Bye, Felicia! I mean really, I am NOT going to compromise my spiritual beliefs and enlightenment for you any more than you will do it for me.

But we are LOST when it comes to religion all over the world. Religion has been used as a killing and slavery machine. It is used to judge and persecute people. None of the so-called Christians who vilify African Diasporic Religion, and the people who follow them, are listening to Jesus because I swore that he told us…

So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. John 8:7

With a whole world of information at the tip of our fingers, people are content to live in their ignorance and judgment. The world and its gods are much bigger than anyone can imagine. And that is just Earth. Let’s not even try to contemplate the universe.

Y’all better tell somebody.


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Don’t Believe the Hoodoo Hype

Oh my goodness. So all of this anger and exclusiveness is to make me feel pride in  myself? Every time I hear a white person say that, I am insulted. I’ll tell you why, I was taught by my parents to take pride in myself, and I was also taught a history they do not tell you in schools. That history made it so no one else would ever have to speak for me.

When ISlave was a young girl, my grandfather said that racist whites used to say, “wanna hide something from a nigga? Put it in a BOOK.” Now, you may have never heard that, but it is starting to become the trend with ALL people of ALL colors. No one wants to do the research anymore that will tell you all you need to know about the history of Folk Magic in this country. There is research that explores all of the elements and influences of Hoodoo. There is research about Black people who were not slaves, and white people who were. When the evidence is presented, no one believes it because that was not what they were “taught.” Then the person who tries to educate them is a racist revisionist. Stop, just stop.

I can use my own genealogy as an example. Caeli and I have been researching my family tree, and I am quickly finding out that the oral tradition of my family injects a lot of fantasy into the reality of things. This reality is supported by public records. You know, that stuff that helps researchers find out the truth about things. Long told I was part Native American, my DNA does not say so, nor does my family tree. It’s funny how things get shaped according to how people want their reality to be.WHITE SLAVE3

So let’s look at the reality of assimilation and racism in America. Neither whites nor Blacks wanted to acknowledge their participation in Conjure Work (specifically Hoodoo) for quite some time. In fact, many Black intellectual Christians wanted as far away from it as they possibly could. To the point where some of my own people will tell me that I am doing “the devil’s work.” Others would sneak to get work done so their church members would not see what they were up to. How do I know this? Well I grew up Black in America. I witnessed it FIRSTHAND, and I still do today.

These people who denied their history to assimilate know nothing of their relationship with gods and spirits of Africa, and they did just as much damage to the practice as anyone else because they looked at you crazy, like they did not know what you were talking about when you tried to mention Hoodoo to them. When catalog Hoodoo came into play, it shamed the “good,” Black Christians who would have none of that. It did not help that the characterization of many of these products was made spooky and exotic by the merchants in order to sell it to Blacks and whites alike. With the Great Migration north, Blacks wanted to put all of that behind them. They were made ashamed of their spiritual practices by the oppressors who tried to wipe all traces of them off the map.

So, this helps to answer the question of why you never heard of non-Blacks practicing Hoodoo until now, a time where the Internet is opening doors and dispelling myths. We find out that OH MY GOODNESS, some white folks were slaves, some Black folks owned slaves (they all were not relatives whose freedom was purchased either). We were told that we separated by race, when in fact there is countless scholarship by Blacks and whites alike that proves otherwise. This scholarship is in many cases OLDER than me, but you scoff it because YOU never read it? Well EXCUSE ME. I have news for lots of people, there are A LOT of white folks and mixed race people in my family tree, and somehow I still remain 76% African. Looks are deceiving, as I am always mistaken for a mixed race person, so remember everything is not as it appears.

So many of my relatives knew how to read and were free men and women, but folks are always trying to tell me there was NO WAY any European influences melded into our culture because there was no way Blacks could read about them. And there sure as hell was no way that Black folks and white folks mingled like them. Then you show them pictures and records that PROVE it, and people treat you like you Photoshopped that shit? (If you don’t believe me, watch Henry Louis Gates “African American Lives.” So many lies about us and our history in this country are proven to be flat out WRONG. Look at the image here (oh I can post many) that aimed to Irish white blackprove how Blacks and Irish people were sub-human apes. Do you think that is made up too? Does the fact that other people suffered and were slaves take away from the fact that so many Black people were slaves? Does the fact that whites practiced it along with us take away from the fact that Blacks were the majority of the practitioners? NO. So why do people keep doing this? To me, this endless battle (without information to back up claims) about who did what does nothing to create racial harmony, it creates all of the bitter arguments you’ve seen today, it hurts us all as human beings, and it certainly does not help me as a Black Worker.

You also do not hear about whites practicing Hoodoo for the same reason Black folks tried to run it underground. Do you know what that is? Christianity! Everyone keeps posting this dichotomy that Hoodoo is Christian, but you IGNORE the very foundations of African religion in the practice! Both Irish and Blacks were treated as though they were sub human. As SOON as the Irish were able to assimilate, do you THINK for ONE MOMENT the Irish were going to share their slavery history and “heathen practices” with their children? NO! EVERY ONE WAS MADE ASHAMED OF WHO THEY ORIGINALLY WERE BY THE OPPRESSOR.

That shame, like many things, was not based on color, but the oppressor continues to make it so because Black people cannot assimilate, and they need someone at the bottom so they can stay on top. Honestly, has never been my desire to assimilate. I am proud of who I am and where I come from. This nonsense, however, is a distraction used against poor people everywhere and they continue to be been victimized by big money. You want to know why they killed Dr, King? Because he was about to start THE POOR PEOPLE’S campaign Poor People's Campaignand start protesting about poverty and against the Vietnam War. That’s right. The CIA saw ALL the POWER that could come from the oppressed if they SIMPLY UNITED, and they shut. that. shit. DOWN. And they really don’t have to do it to us anymore, because we constantly do it to each other. The very community that is supposed to help heal the ills of mankind are the same folks that are doing everything in their power to keep us from uniting. Ain’t that a bitch?

People keep talking about people stealing this and that from each other. But really, how much of it did we just give away because we were so busy trying to sweep it under the rug? Kids today don’t know what Conjure is. That’s silly superstition to them. Walk up to most Black people (even the older ones – I do it all the time.) and mention Hoodoo to them. Please. Tell me what reaction you get. You have a FRACTION of our population online hollering and screaming about what they own and they cannot give it away in their own communities! Miss me with this foolishness!

Not every piece of scholarship is accurate. Not all oral traditions tell the truth. No one person is the end all be all to Hoodoo. Some of the people who collect this work trying to save it for our sake cannot even remember what they wrote and constantly contradict themselves. As Public Enemy would say, “don’t believe the hype.” Don’t take everything you are told to believe as fact until you have REALLY sat down and done the research. Don’t believe lies told so many times that they become the “truth.” Read, read, read some more, talk to really, really old people, look at public records. Find the consistencies, and THERE you will get closer to the truth.

Even though people think they are, when you make generalizations about culture, are not respecting the tradition or the Ancestors who created it. I don’t need anyone to make me be proud to be Black, “protect” my magical practice, or insult and exclude other people for my benefit. I can defend what I need to all on my own. It is patronizing and disgusting. Instead of causing the problem of furthering the divide among cultures, maybe we could all start examining history and find out just how much we really share.

That would be amazing, wouldn’t it?

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The Fool

The Fool
The Fool

Do you remember when you were young and in love for the first time? What about when you started that first job that gave you a “real” paycheck. You know, the one that you could actually pay your rent with? I think about those feelings every time I look at The Fool card.

The number of this card is 0. It is a perfect circle of a complete cycle. This is just one of the reasons why I love this card. On The Fool card is a young man, fresh, and full of vitality. He is ready to take on the world! The sun warms him at his back, he’s got a faithful companion to help protect him, and there are mountains, yes mountains, on the horizon! If this was a more modern deck, he might have on shades because his future is so bright. He’s got a new bag of tricks, and he is ready to ROLL! Like Kanye, you can’t tell him NOTHIN’! His clothes are “casket sharp,” and you get the feeling that he thinks there is nothing he can’t do.

The type of excitement that this young man has is what drives me. People are always teasing me because I am always working on a new project. That is one of the reasons why this blog has not been updated lately. I’ve really been trying all kinds of new things Conjure that are related and that are not. I find when something new that interests me, it excites me. I can go at it for hours and hours. I am a writer, photographer, a miniature enthusiast, and I really have a jones for interior design. I pride myself in dedicating hour upon hour to my work. But then something happens – I burn out.

Often I wonder why I burn out when I was so passionate about something just a short while ago. What happened to my drive? Why do I want to pick something else up, and put this recently new passion down? I think the answer lies in this card when it is upright, and most certainly when it is reversed. Don’t get me wrong, upright it is still a positive card to get in a reading, but there are a few things you should take special notice of when you are talking about The Fool.

He might be just a little too carefree. Have you ever begun a project because you were in love with the idea of the project, but you really did not take the time to completely think it out? Well, you can see this in The Fool card. The background of the card is yellow, the color of caution. His little dog looks like he is trying to warn him about something. Take a look at his feet; look where he is walking. This (quite literally) Fool is about to step right off a cliff! The cliff is a rocky one at that!

He will not make it to those mountains in the horizon if he is dead. My grandparents always cautioned me to look before I leap – well because often I did not. All the energy, youth, and excitement in the world will not help you much when you have a severe injury from falling off a cliff. I think a cliff is a great equalizer. So the caution I give to a client when I see the card upright is that is it wonderful to be an open and unpredictable person. I let them know that most of us do not like restrictions, but some of us dislike them more than others. I caution them to stay the wonderful person they are, but not to disregard advice or authority that may be in their best interest. If this card represents the querent’s lover, I let them know that their relationship may not be a stable or permanent one, as The Fool does not like to be tried down by anyone.

And then this song pops into my head…

But I digress. What about when this card is reversed? Some readers do not read reversals as such, but I do. I figure the cards fall the way they do for a reason, and I read them the way they fall. If this card is reversed, it indicates a lack a maturity and fear of the unknown. If this card represents the querent, then they are probably their own greatest enemy. They are holding themselves back from taking risks because of fear. This person may not take heed of the things more experienced people have to say, are they are causing real damage to their lives, and possibly the lives of others. They make unbalanced, irrational, poorly thought out decisions that have the potential to really ruin their lives. Their bad choices and reckless behavior is really causing problems in their life. This is also applicable if the card represents someone that the querent is inquiring about.

It is very interesting, The Fool reversed could also mean that you are making poor, ill-informed choices because someone in your life, who you trust, is giving you bad information, and you believe them. When I am reading, and I get this card reversed, I want to scream “stop it! Stop it right now!” But for the sake of professionalism, I don’t. I do, however, let them know that they really need to take a step back, think about the consequences of the decisions they are making, and try to assemble a plan that works to their benefit rather than their detriment.

So being carefree and spontaneous is not a bad thing. Just make sure that your free spirit does not cause issues in your life. It is always good to mix a little structure and temperance in with your inspired, creative, and wild ideas.