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Why I No Longer Identify as a Christian

BlackJesusWhen I became a Christian as an adult, I did not know why my mother would not attend church. She never really did. Of course she was called a heathen and seen as a Black sheep in our family. Come to think of it, her parents did not either. They all, however, made sure I received a religious education that included Awana at the white Baptist church, holidays at the Black Baptist Church, a brother from The Nation delivering “The Final Call” each weekend and letting us listen while they discussed the movement and Black Power, oh and yeah that JW she let come give us weekly Bible lessons for a hot minute.

Conversely, Hotei was in several places in my home. Dream Books, “Love Signs,” and other astrology books could be seen more than the King James (or any other version) of the Bible. My mother honored my decision to become a Christian, watched my mega church on TV, and she even attended my baptism. One day, however, out of nowhere she said, “I love God, but this whole Jesus thing? Yeah I don’t know about that.”

I was CONFUSED. I am happy to say after years of my own exploration, I am no longer confused. In my quest to become closer to God, and to be more like Jesus, I learned so much about the history of the Bible, what it was really telling us, how much was stripped away to remove the individual divinity of people, and how people (white AND Black) use religion to control and oppress others, I now realize that I can no longer profess to be a Christian. I simply cannot do it, and honestly, I think Jesus is pissed that people label themselves after Him in such a way. He came here to bring us closer to God, not to push us away like today’s church does to the people who will not bow down to their dogma.

Through reading the Bible, I’ve had what they call “The Tower” experience. The Tower card in the Tarot (filled with Christian imagery – not Satanic by the way) speaks to all of your illusions being stripped away. Things you were so sure of are no longer really true, and the cognitive dissonance of it all is earth shattering.

I found out (simply by reading the Bible) that Adam STOOD WITH Eve and ate that apple (Genesis 3:6). She did not use her feminine wiles to convince him to. In short, Eve was framed, Adam was a punk, and our punishment was to submit to someone who really was not fit to be the head of anything in the first place.

Then I found out how much of the Bible was taken from scared texts that proceeded Christianity. To top it all off, I found out that the Gospels were written 300 YEARS after the death and Resurrection of Christ. They were NOT written by the Apostles. Talking about having the rug pulled out from under you! That makes all that oppressive propaganda Paul wrote simply BULLSHIT. NOWHERE in the Bible does it say that it is the infallible word of The Most High. NOWHERE.

So, what people fail to realize is that most Christians simply claim this religion because they were told to do so. Not because they really understand what it means. If you challenge any of this with your own research, you will have to prove that it is more valid than mine. If you know me, I am all about digging deeper and citing sources, so let’s research away. If you cannot, and you want to hold on to your beliefs and walk on faith, that is your RIGHT. Just as it is my right not to stand on “sinking sand.”

To me, this does not mean I am going to Hell. This is FREEDOM. I can no longer align myself to sheeple who refuse to study the Holy text that rules their existence. They ignore the council of the GODS (that’s plural for you all that cannot read) that told Yahweh to check His people because they were wilding out (Psalm 82), or they read a translation that said He went among a council of FALSE gods, the congregation of the mighty, “gods” in quotes, just anything to say that there are no other gods.

Seriously, would God do that? If they were lesser beings, would they be able to counsel Him? Just stop it. And don’t tell me I am cherry picking while you shave, eat pork chops, wear polyester, and go to Church on your period. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

Oh I believe in Christ. I love Him with all my heart and soul. I also know that he was called MAGI long before He was declared Savior by the church. His birth was PREDICTED by DIVINATION. And who went looking for Him to protect him? THE THREE MAGI. They used ASTROLOGY and DIVINATION to find him in that manger. They brought Him Frankincense and Myrrh to PROTECT HIM!

Now, if I use it, I am a witch, a sorcerer. I’d love to be called Magi, but I ain’t there yet. Your prayers (petitions to a supernatural being to manifest things for you) are prayers. Somehow my prayers are “spells.”

You know what? I’ll take it if will set me apart from the oppressors of the world. We are labeled crazy, but no one judges you when you dance around church possessed by a spirit you no longer recognize and cannot even name.

I also know Christianity is NOT the “white man’s religion.” Look at a damn map, why don’t ya? Bethlehem is in the ass crack of Africa, so do you think Europeans got it first?!?!? Nope. Stop all the Hotep lies. The problem is that oppressors stripped the religion of the things you need to know to empower the God in YOU, and you DRANK the Kool Aid just like a follower of Jim Jones. Read the book of Enoch and get back to me.

So, I am a God/Goddess lover of Christ. I believe He was and IS the Magi’s Magi. If someone came to earth and made dead people rise up and blind people see, you’d call them a witch and burn them at the stake. Sound familiar?

Yeah, just like they did to Jesus. Except the fire He received was on that trip to Hell he took before He came back from the dead! You will watch a horror movie and call it fantasy. You will read the stories of other religions and call them mythology, yet the story of Jesus is the ONLY truth? Don’t be so simple! They taught you there is one TRUE church so you would bring your money to THEIR storehouses and not go to another. They told you Pagan holidays were Christian, and now are ranting that they are being persecuted when the YULE tree is taken off a damn COFFEE CUP. MISS ME WITH THIS MADNESS PLEASE!

Black folks are messed up today because we have been taught a watered down version of worshiping of The Almighty Creator, His Spirits/Angels/Saints/Lwa and healing that strips people of their personal divinity. Those same people are the witches you NEED to be scared of.

They have taken your divinity, the power God gave you, and continue to try to eliminate you by using it against you. They’ve tried to kill us all by stripping us and calling our worship evil. In churches all over the world, people continue to let them.

Missionaries have infiltrated cultures for imperialists, destroyed them, stolen resources, turned people in compliant zombies, and paid off corrupt “leaders” to make us submit to them. Look at what happened to Haiti. If there was someone to blame for natural phenomena, I’d look to the traitors who sold Haiti out, not the Vodouisants who tried to keep it alive. Here is the one country where a slave rebellion succeeded, and their own people helped to sell them out. They killed Mambos and Houngans in the name of the almighty dollar while hiding behind a big old statue of Jesus.

We are not supposed to submit to anyone but The Most High. They told you that honoring your Ancestors was evil. But if you don’t venerate your Ancestors, someone else will, and the effects of what happens to you when this occurs are not pretty. Forget about your Ancestors, the reasons why you are here today, and they will surely forget about you.

This torture of humans goes on to this very day, and we are told to submit forgive, and turn the other cheek. Just keep taking the beating because the “meek will inherit the earth.” How has that working out for you? What does it taste like? My mother in law says it tastes like a shit sandwich. I don’t want this earth. They’ve ruined it so much that it looks like Hell to me. No thanks. I’ll work towards a future existence. This is just my testing ground. The place to prove who I really am and the potential for what I will be.

So everyone, believe what you want to, but when that time of Divine Judgement comes (and OH IT WILL come) make sure you lived your life according to your own faith, beliefs, and research, not what Reverend Deacon Doctor Doug spoon fed to you.

You mad? Delete me. But that ain’t Christian. I am not about to argue with you. Christ did not argue. He went into temple, flipped tables, kicked ass, and took names. The Christ I know and read about strove to relate and understand the people who He surrounded Himself with. Often, they were the worst people society had to offer who were not one bit religious at all. Other ancient accounts describe His travels and studies all of the religion and mysticism in the world. How else do you account for the years of his life that the Bible does not cover? This ain’t a soap opera. He just didn’t go away for years and come back as if nothing ever happened. Don’t be lazy. Be committed. Find out the mysteries of Christ for yourself.

If anything people, just read the RED words! They are your best standard for living, and there is no real way to verify them either. But they are GOOD. They have value. The rest is just HIStory that is free to interpretation and misinterpretation by anyone who reads and cherry picks it daily. ‪#‎freeyourmindtherestwillcome‬

“I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi