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It Ain’t Real Magic if you Found it on the Internet?

I bet you when people tell you it ain’t real magic if you find it on the internet, you believe them. Well you do know that PEOPLE put things on the internet. Before books or the internet people learned from people. These are other modes of disbursing information. In the past, books full of falsehoods were published, just not as many because books cost money. Now, lots of people can put up incorrect, or downright false, information.

There are not that many teachers out there. If your desire to be a witch or worker is strong, you should have the passion to devote to years of study. I don’t read fiction anymore, (and I was never a non-fiction reader) I don’t watch TV anymore (aside from HGTV and Food Network when I am in the kitchen and in bed), and I have about 100 magazines that I bought with airline points that I’ll “get to” this winter. I even stopped working on our beloved dollhouse for YEARS!

I’ve spent all of my spare time in the past few years studying the Occult with teachers/mentors, through books, and yes, online. You have to research, research, and PRACTICE magic. Once you find lots of resources saying the same thing, and it resonates with your soul, do it. It’s OK to come to me if you want me to do the work for you, but I think work is always more powerful if you participate. But before you ask anyone how to do a spell, do your homework.



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