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Card of the Day – The Knight of Wands (Reversed)

This card is indicative of a younger man, or masculine individual who is under 40. A lack of maturity, or emotional issues, may be at the root of this person’s problems. This is card is often seen as a warning about an encounter with someone who lacks discipline, gets angry quickly, and has a chip on their shoulder. This person is often seen as arrogant or cocky.

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When I see this in a relationship reading, I often counsel my client against trying to make a relationship work with someone who is abusive, cruel, or simply not right for them. Usually these types of people have commitment issues and rarely stick around. They “hit it and they quit it,” if you know what I mean. This person can be a con-man, and they are usually pretty shallow and really don’t care about how anyone feels but themselves. I advise clients not to ask me to do Love Work on these types of individuals. You may get temporary results from Rootworking, but it cannot change the core of who this person is. Eventually, their behavior will make the client’s life miserable again. Besides, who wants to be with someone cruel and abusive? Many people stay in abusive relationships thinking something is going to change, and it rarely does.

Every card has a meaning. This one was pulled today because one or more of us need a word about how to handle these types of people. Are you dealing with a person like this in your life? Or worse yet, are you this kind of person? Once you gain insight and knowledge, you are responsible for it. If you seek happiness and peace in your life, you should sever ties with people like this at all costs. If this you, take heed, and work on yourself so that you too can have happiness and peace.