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In Defense of Online Stores

Since my journey back into the land of Tumblr, I’ve seen a lot of bashing of people who sell magical items online. If someone is NOT scamming people, charging outrageous amounts of money for an item that does not merit the price, or attributes illegitimate items to practice, I just don’t get it.

While I am a Diviner/Rootworker, and I do take clients, most of my Rootworking clients are people with whom I have a face-to-face relationship. The only exception to this is Light Setting/Candle Divination. There is something intimate about doing spiritual work for people that I often find real physical contact necessary.  Other workers feel differently, and that is their option.

But often, I find that most of my Divination clients don’t need a working at all, or they need the combination of a mundane and spiritual solution. I also encourage people to do work for themselves. If they don’t have a stockpile of products, they have to get them from somewhere.

As a merchant of these types of products, I strive to create natural products that are true to the tradition. I also infuse my own creativity with names from the Black vernacular and new ingredients, but I never would use an herb/root/curio that does not work for the condition.

I’ve actually seen people say they use Goofer Dust for “healing,” and I have seen products advertised as “Wicca/Hoodoo/Voodoo.” That is a big no.

Yes, as much as people would like to have storefront locations, often the demand for these products does not merit the risk of going into that type of debt. What I hate to see are people discounting what we do who do not know us, or people who never tried our products.

The lesson is, stay away from the scam artists, get a divination to see what you need, see if you can do it yourself, and work with people with solid reputations for their work and their products.

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Tarot Card of the Day: The Magician

Note: I’ve been a busy, but I am going to try to feature a card more often.

The Magician
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This Tarot card, in all of its splendor, shows a magician with a single cup. Above him is the sign of infinity. This card was pulled at the right time in my life when I needed some direction. It is a card of creativity. With his right hand, he holds a wand pointed towards heaven, and his left hand pointed towards Earth, he stands here by himself. His cloak is red and represents wisdom and experience. He stands in roses and white lilies. This symbolizes that sometimes results will be good, and others with be difficult and painful. It is a card that speaks to me because it is all about living up to your potential and achieving your goals. It tells me that everything between Heaven and Earth is attainable if I reach for it!

Many of us fail to realize all of the untapped power we hold within ourselves. We are missing out on so much in life because we often underestimate what we are capable of, and how all of us have it in us to achieve our goals. I have several Conjure projects going on right now (one of the reasons why you have not seen a blog post from me in a bit). For me, it is telling me that I am going in the right direction. That if I just stay committed, I can achieve all of my goals and live life to its fullest. We all have the ability to create and achieve new things. The question is, are you doing those things, or are you going to just thinking about them? I am always full of new ideas, but sometimes these ideas do not see the light of day because I am not actively pursuing their competition.

This card is a reminder of my abilities. How often are we swayed from doing what we really want to do because we lack the faith and/or dedication to make things happen in our lives? I find that the more I tell myself that I can do something, rather than when I tell myself I cannot, I can accomplish my goals. People often say to me that I am a renaissance woman, and they ask me is there anything I cannot do. It always makes me think when they say something like that to me. I’ve always been a big believer that I can do whatever I put my mind to it. If I do not accomplish my goals, it is because of limitations that I’ve put on myself.

If this card is reversed in a reading, it is highly likely that you are in a situation where you are being lied to, or quite possibly, you are lying to yourself. It could indicate that you have the lack of ability to follow through with your plans. Often people come to me for readings, and they refuse to take into account their own culpability for their problems. Divination is not mumbo-jumbo. It is used to give clients practical insight to their concerns and often provides productive next steps to resolve a particular issue.

It could also mean that there are spiritual gifts that you have not tapped into. It’s taken me a few weeks to bring this simple blog post to completion. (I started it on October 24th.) The cards are usually very on the money with what is going on in life. I know I pulled this card at a time when I was overwhelmed with work, and not getting to the Conjure projects I know are going to take me to the next level. So, I set this post aside for a bit, and I started working on getting things done. In the online world, I found myself spending more time debating the issues in Hoodoo than participating in the Work itself. I realized I had to step back. In order to be a better worker, I realized that I needed to disconnect and get to my own spiritual development. It’s been working wonderfully, and I am completing things I need to finish. I encourage others to do it as well.

In keeping with the theme of the card, I am posting this, moving on, and working to complete my projects. More posts about the cards will come, but maybe not a card every day. I am finding that other things need my attention, and I plan to follow the advice of this card.

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Card of the Day – The Tower

The Tower Image
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When this card is revealed in a reading, it is really a call to action. It signifies chaos, and your world be turned upside down. All the things you thought were true are challenged. Your principles and what defines you are in question. This time of year, the people jumping to escape from the tower is sober reminder of the people who lost their lives in The World Trade Center. The world is going to hell, and people are trying to escape and survive.

The card represents things more in the physical realm. You may have found out that a person (or people) around you may have deceived you, and the relationship you thought was on solid ground is now falling apart. You may be running for your life. It may be a situation that completely blindsides you and sends your life spinning out of control.

Reversed, this card means that you feel like your life is not in your control, and you may create unnecessary drama in your life. You will feel like your hands are tied in a specific situation. What is going on in your life was most likely avoidable.

As with all cards, do not give up hope when you see it in a reading! It is a call to ACTION! Unlike all of the innocent souls lost on 911, we still have our lives! You still have the ability to take control of yours! Find the things that are taking control of your life, and FIGHT BACK. Regain your power, and get your house in order. Be proactive about your issues, not reactive.

It is time to put on the Big Girl/Boy draws and take the reins of your life. Remember, most of the time your choices = your destiny.

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Card of the Day – The Knight of Wands (Reversed)

This card is indicative of a younger man, or masculine individual who is under 40. A lack of maturity, or emotional issues, may be at the root of this person’s problems. This is card is often seen as a warning about an encounter with someone who lacks discipline, gets angry quickly, and has a chip on their shoulder. This person is often seen as arrogant or cocky.

Knight of Wands ~ Image courtesy of:

When I see this in a relationship reading, I often counsel my client against trying to make a relationship work with someone who is abusive, cruel, or simply not right for them. Usually these types of people have commitment issues and rarely stick around. They “hit it and they quit it,” if you know what I mean. This person can be a con-man, and they are usually pretty shallow and really don’t care about how anyone feels but themselves. I advise clients not to ask me to do Love Work on these types of individuals. You may get temporary results from Rootworking, but it cannot change the core of who this person is. Eventually, their behavior will make the client’s life miserable again. Besides, who wants to be with someone cruel and abusive? Many people stay in abusive relationships thinking something is going to change, and it rarely does.

Every card has a meaning. This one was pulled today because one or more of us need a word about how to handle these types of people. Are you dealing with a person like this in your life? Or worse yet, are you this kind of person? Once you gain insight and knowledge, you are responsible for it. If you seek happiness and peace in your life, you should sever ties with people like this at all costs. If this you, take heed, and work on yourself so that you too can have happiness and peace.