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Card of the Day – The Tower

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When this card is revealed in a reading, it is really a call to action. It signifies chaos, and your world be turned upside down. All the things you thought were true are challenged. Your principles and what defines you are in question. This time of year, the people jumping to escape from the tower is sober reminder of the people who lost their lives in The World Trade Center. The world is going to hell, and people are trying to escape and survive.

The card represents things more in the physical realm. You may have found out that a person (or people) around you may have deceived you, and the relationship you thought was on solid ground is now falling apart. You may be running for your life. It may be a situation that completely blindsides you and sends your life spinning out of control.

Reversed, this card means that you feel like your life is not in your control, and you may create unnecessary drama in your life. You will feel like your hands are tied in a specific situation. What is going on in your life was most likely avoidable.

As with all cards, do not give up hope when you see it in a reading! It is a call to ACTION! Unlike all of the innocent souls lost on 911, we still have our lives! You still have the ability to take control of yours! Find the things that are taking control of your life, and FIGHT BACK. Regain your power, and get your house in order. Be proactive about your issues, not reactive.

It is time to put on the Big Girl/Boy draws and take the reins of your life. Remember, most of the time your choices = your destiny.